Alcohol Cleaning Card Kit (All Models, Pack of 10)

Item #: FAR-082133
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Product Description

Fargo's alcohol cleaning cards are made with iso-propyl alcohol for maximum cleaning power. These cleaning cards work by passing through your printer and removing dust, magnetic shavings, excess ink and more from your print rollers. If left untreated, these particles and debris can cause streaking and other damage while your cards are passing through the machine.

Regular cleanings using cleaning cards are an excellent way to maintain your Fargo PVC ID card printer. This cleaning card kit features ten cards.

Mfg Part Number 082133
Printer Brand HID Fargo
Printer Model DTC1000,DTC4000,DTC4500,HDP5000,HDPii
Printer Supply 1037
Ribbon Configuration -
Ribbon Prints -
Printer Supplies Quantity -
Printer Supplies Weight 1