1-mil Zebra i Series Bottom Laminate Ribbon with Magnetic Stripe (ZXP Series 8 & 9, 625 Imprints)

Item #: ZBR-800084-912
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Product Description

By nature, magnetic stripe cards are handled frequently for swiping through card readers. This makes durability extremely important for these magnetic stripe cards. Zebra's bottom laminate ribbon for ZXP Series 8 and Series 9 printers provides durable protection for your magnetic stripe cards while keeping the stripe itself uncovered for easy swiping.

This ribbon provides a "half imprint," covering the non-stripe portion of your card with a 1 mil-thick layer of laminate. The magnetic stripe itself remains uncovered, as it needs to be easily read when swiped through a card reader.

Each of Zebra's magnetic stripe laminate ribbons features 625 imprints, allowing you to protect hundreds of protected magnetic stripe cards. This ribbon only covers the back of your card; for those seeking dual-sided lamination, please purchase a "top" laminate ribbon as well.

Mfg Part Number 800084-912
Printer Brand Zebra
Printer Model ZXP8,ZXP9
Printer Supply 696
Ribbon Configuration Clear Overlaminate
Ribbon Prints 625
Printer Supplies Quantity -
Printer Supplies Weight 0.5