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Evacuation Management with WhosOnLocation

Streamline your safety process to protect your personnel

  • Quickly verify the safety of all signed-in guests
  • Manage evacuations on the go with a mobile app
  • Included with the purchase of a WhosOnLocation license

It’s something every organization needs, but hopes to never put into place: an emergency evacuation plan.

For insurance purposes, safety purposes and for plain old common sense purposes, organizations both large and small need to have a plan in place to get their personnel out of their buildings in case of emergency.

Ask yourself the following questions: Will I be able to account for all of my employees after an evacuation? If the fire alarm went off right now, would I know how many visitors I have on-site? Would I be able to grab my visitor register on my way out the door?

Chances are you answered “no” to at least one of the questions above, illustrating a simple, yet important point: you need Evacuation Management, and WhosOnLocation is the perfect tool to meet that need.

What is Evacuation Management?

Looking at it on a very literal level, it’s easy to see what Evacuation Management is: it’s managing evacuations.

However, as a concept, Evacuation Management contains a number of key components. A good Evacuation Management plan includes the following:

  • A detailed, comprehensive plan of what to do in the case of an emergency
  • One or more dedicated Fire Marshals or Safety Wardens who are responsible for implementing the plan
  • An easily accessible list of all personnel who are signed-in on-site during the emergency
  • A way of contacting all signed-in personnel to verify their safety
  • A way to report on the evacuation after the fact to identify areas that need improvement

The goal of any Evacuation Management plan is simple: to quickly and efficiently verify the status of your personnel during an emergency.

an iphone being used for evacuation management

Step-by-step: Evacuation Management with WhosOnLocation

  • An alarm sounds, and the building is evacuated. The Safety Warden proceeds to one of the evacuation stations, takes out his or her cell phone and opens up the WOL Mobile app.
  • A complete list of all personnel signed-in on-site through WhosOnLocation, including employees, contractors and guests, appears in the mobile app.
  • In a small office, the Safety Warden can conduct a visual role call and check off each person he or she sees as “safe” in the app. In a large office, the Safety Warden can automatically send a text message to every person signed-in requesting a status update.
  • Each person can reply to the text with “SAFE” to be automatically marked as safe in the app.
  • If a person replies with “NEED HELP” or something similar, the Safety Warden can check the zone or area to which that person was assigned in order to better direct first responders.
  • The Safety Warden can then view zones or floors of the building to see which have been completely cleared, sparing first responders from needless and potentially dangerous safety checks.
  • Once the emergency has concluded, the Safety Warden can view a detailed incident report in the WhosOnLocation administrator area. Features include the full personnel list, the time and date, the length of the emergency and more.

WhosOnLocation Evacuation Management: Detailed rosters, SMS verifications & more — on the go

Along with being a great Visitor Management system and a comprehensive People Presence Management platform, WhosOnLocation puts powerful Evacuation Management in the palm of your hand.

Evacuation Management is accessed using the WOL Mobile App, available for both iOS and Android devices free of charge. Evacuation Management comes loaded with several helpful features, including:

  • Multiple user roles For large facilities, having more than one Safety Warden is common. WhosOnLocation allows multiple users to have Evacuation Management rights, and the app updates in real time: if your facilities manager marks John as safe, he was show up as Safe on your Safety Warden’s app as well.
  • Automatic importing In the event of an emergency, a list of all signed-in personnel will appear in the WOL Mobile app. This list will include employees (if you require employee sign-in), contractors and visitors, eliminating the need to grab a notebook or sign-in sheet on the way out the door.
  • Easy verification Administrators can manually mark users as “SAFE” in the app or can push a text message to all personnel that allows each person to reply as “SAFE” to be automatically verified in the app.
the evacuation management dashboard in whosonlocation

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