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A Comprehensive Program

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ID Cards & Badges

We offer a card for every need, including standard ID cards, proximity cards, role recognition cards, smart cards and access control cards. Cards can be printed on-site or customized and factory printed.

Photo ID Software

Design a professional credential with comprehensive photo ID software. IDenticard’s own PremiSys ID™ allows printing from a mobile app, while software from HID® and ImageWare Systems™ is also available.

Card Printers

Create your credentials on-site with a PVC or inkjet printer. IDenticard offers printers from brands like Fargo™, IDP™, Epson™ and Zebra™. Our Printer Supplies Finder makes finding ink and printer ribbons simple.

Card Accessories

Attach your card with a badge reel, lanyard or strap clip. Protect it with a badge holder. Supplement your identification program with a customized silicone mobile phone wallet or UBand™ silicone wristband.

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