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React Mobile® and Alyssa's Law

Updated 10/5/20

About Alyssa's Law

Alyssa's law is legislation that calls for every school to be required to install a silent panic alert system that is linked directly to law enforcement. It was introduced after Alyssa Alhadeff, along with 16 classmates and staff, died in 2018 during a horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. The goal of the legislation is to improve first responder response time during school threats.

Regardless of whether a panic alert system is required by law in your state, equipping your faculty and staff with a panic alert solution should be a critical part of your school security program.

About React Mobile

React Mobile is a school safety and alert solution that allows for rapid emergency response. It uses discreet panic buttons that each staff member wears on a lanyard or tucks in their pocket, making them easily accessible when needed.

When pressed, the panic device "pings" the nearest wireless beacon that has been strategically placed throughout the facility. The beacon identifies its precise location and within seconds, an alert is sent to the Central Command software as well as other pre-determined responders. React Mobile can be customized to send alerts to law enforcement, on-site security, and other recipients, and provides the exact location of the emergency, down to the room number.

  • Cloud-based wireless system with no fixed hardware
  • Individual, discreet panic devices so each staff member is equipped to summon help when needed
  • Identifies precise location with room-level accuracy
  • Location notification automatically updates every 30 seconds, whether in the building, outside, or on a field trip
  • Easy implementation with minimal cost and little disruption

How React Mobile Exceeds Alyssa's Law Requirements

Some of the Alyssa's Law legislation that has been passed to date calls for one panic button per location that is directly linked to law enforcement. Typically, this is installed in the school office or near the front entrance.

With React Mobile, you can have one panic button, or equip every staff member with a panic device enabling requests for help to be sent from anywhere in the building, wherever help is needed.

And unlike mobile app-based panic alert systems -- which require users to unlock their mobile phone, find the mobile app, and tap the correct button -- React Mobile users can summon help by pressing a single button, which can be done discreetly, even when faced with an intruder.

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