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Identify employees and secure your facilities

Identification Solutions

ID cards, custom card accessories, Badge Buddies role recognition cards and more will come together to create the perfect branding and security solution for your facility.

Access Control and Safety Solutions

A comprehensive access control system from IDenticard provides the monitoring capabilities your facility needs.

Visitor Management Solutions

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Finance Solutions

In the world of healthcare, it’s imperative to provide a safe, professional atmosphere for patients, staff and visitors. Healthcare is IDenticard’s biggest industry, and we have sales associates and service technicians working with healthcare clients on a daily basis. We bring that wealth of experience with us in offering solutions that secure facilities, identify staff and process visitors, ensuring professionalism and safety in your buildings. IDenticard offers identification cards, Visitor Management tools, role recognition cards, access control systems and more that are perfectly suited for use in healthcare environments. Our sales solutions specialists have years of experience in the healthcare field and will work with you to assess your needs and create the perfect solution.


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