Zebra ZXP Series 9 Dual-Sided Printer with Single-Sided Lamination, Mag Encoder & Ethernet

Item #: ZBR-930M0C0000US00
Organizations looking to create professional credentials with the bonus of a protective laminate layer will love the Zebra® ZXP Series...
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Product Description

Organizations looking to create professional credentials with the bonus of a protective laminate layer will love the Zebra® ZXP Series 9 ID card printer, a top-of-the-line offering from Zebra.

This retransfer printer offers print speeds of up to 180 dual-sided cards per hour, innovative Color Predictive Technology (CPT) and more.

For those who are unfamiliar, retransfer printers work by printing the imagery on a thin transfer film, which is then fused to the card surface with heat. The result is a high-quality, durable imprint. Because the printhead doesn't have to touch the card surface, retransfer printers are great for smart cards or other cards with bumps or internal wires.

This printer offers true over-the-edge printing, meaning there will be no white border around the edge of your card surface. Single-sided lamination coats your card in a protective layer, offering protection against scratches and other damage.

Multiple variations of this model of the ZXP Series 9 are available. All of the SKUs below come with dual-sided printing and single-sided lamination standard:

  • ZBR-93000C0000US00 Base model, offering Ethernet connectivity
  • ZBR-930M0C0000US00 Includes a magnetic stripe encoder and Ethernet connectivity
  • ZBR-93AM0C0000US00 Includes a contact encoder, contactless MIFARE® encoder, magnetic stripe encoder and Ethernet connectivity
  • ZBR-93000W0000US00 Includes Ethernet and wireless connectivity, perfect for networked use in a large office
  • ZBR-93A00C0000US00 A contact encoder, contactless MIFARE encoder and Ethernet make this perfect for smart credentials
  • ZBR-93E00C0000US00 Includes a contact encoder and Ethernet connectivity
  • ZBR-93EM0C0000US00 Offers a contact encoder and magnetic stripe encoder, perfect for creating functional ID cards

This printer is perfect for college ID cards, government ID badges, professional employee credentials and more.

MIFARE is a registered Trademark of NXP B. V.

Printer Brand Zebra
Mfg Part Number Z93-0M0C0000US00
Single or dual-sided Dual-Sided Printing
Lamination Single-Side Laminator
Warranty Tier Security
Printer MFG warranty 2 Years
Printhead Warranty Lifetime
Print area Over the Edge
Printer MFG Hot-Swap Yes
Connectivity USB, Ethernet
Print method Reverse Transfer
Printer Weight 46
Dimensions 13.2" x 30.75" x 20.4"
Printer Input Size CR80, 30 mils
Printer Speed Up to 180 cards per hour
Printer Input Hopper 150
Printer Output Hopper 100
Card Volume High
Magnetic Stripe Encoding Yes
Smart Card Encoding No
Prox Card Encoding No
Locking Card Hopper No
Single-Side Lamination Yes
Dual-Side Lamination No
Holographic Overlay Yes
Networkable? Yes
Oversized Cards No