Slotted badge back (handwritten) with token expiration area and printed "CONTRACTOR"

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    Product Description

    This TEMPbadge™ badge back features an area for handwritten personalization, a slot for easy attachment and a token expiration area that shows when a badge is no longer valid. When combined with the appropriate expiring token, this badge back becomes an excellent visitor badge solution for organizations of all kinds.

    With a pre-printed ""CONTRACTOR"" title, this expiring token badge back is an excellent role-recognition tool. Additional titles are available as well. The badge back also features a slot, making it easy to attach the badge back to the wearer using a plastic clip or strap clip.

    Unlike our full expiring badges, token expiring visitor badges feature a small, rectangular area of expiration. These badges require an expiring token to activate the expiration; once a token is applied, a series of red lines will appear in 1-day to show that the visitor's time is up.

    Expiring tokens are available in multiple styles and with several different printed titles, including "VISITOR," "VENDOR" and "VALID THIS DATE ONLY." The badges can be personalized by hand, with a pen, pencil or marker used to write a visitor's name, the date or other variable data.

    Our token expiring badges are the perfect visitor badges for colleges, government offices, office buildings and more.

    Discounts are available for large orders. Please contact us for details.

    This product is also known as an expiring TIMEtoken badge.

    Inventory Status MTO - Made To Order
    Type Expiring
    Badge Part Badge back
    Timeframe Depends on front
    No. of Pieces Two-piece
    Size 4" x 3" (102 mm x 77 mm)
    Personalization type Handwritten
    Attachment Type Clip-on
    Weight/Box (lbs) 2.5
    Packaging 1,000 fan-folded badges
    Role Recognition Yes
    Parking accessory No
    Oversized No
    Spot/token Yes
    Custom printing available No
    Colored Top No
    School Themed No
    Inspection Band No
    Printed Title Header Yes
    Printer Type -
    Log Book? No