Magicard Ultima Card Printer

Item #: MAG-3680-0001

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Product Description

Powered by a high-grade processing unit with an impressive array of features, Ultima is ideal for the localized or centralized issue of high-volumes of secure smart cards.

An intuitive touch screen, with print preview and supplies indicators, provides an easy-to-use interface to Magicard’s most advanced and durable print engine.

Ultima enables you to print up to 100 high definition full color cards per hour. The quality of print means staff can quickly and easily identify the facial features on ID
cards for comparison against the holder. This makes it the ideal solution for drivers’ licenses, national ID cards and other cards where security is paramount.

The Ultima retransfer printer comes with built-in visual security via the use of up to 10 secure HoloKote® watermarks. That means that if you choose to do so, you can distinguish different departments with a separate holographic design. For additional built-in security, Ultima exploits the wavelengths of the dye-film so it can
fluoresce under UV lighting.

High capacity consumables (1000 prints) and hoppers, combined with a range of encoding options to write secure electronic data to the card, make the Ultima ideal
for high volume localized or centralized issuance of secure smart cards.

Choose between single and dual sided card printing capabilities. Also, choose the type of encoding you need for your unique needs. 

Printer BrandMagicard
Mfg Part Number3680-0001, 3680-0021, 3680-0002, 3680-0022, 3680-0003, 3680-0023, 3680-0004, 3680-0024
Single or dual-sidedSingle or Dual Sided Card Printing Options Available
Warranty TierTier 4; ValueCare or PlusCare Warranty and Service Plans, 1-4 Years
Printer MFG warranty3 Years
Print areaOver the Edge
ConnectivityUSB, Ethernet
Print methodRetransfer
Printer Weight36.9 lbs
Dimensions18.03 W x 16.96 H x 13.14 D
Printer Input SizeCR 80, 30-50 mils
Printer SpeedUp to 100 cards per hour
Printer Input Hopper200
Printer Output Hopper200
Card VolumeHigh
Magnetic Stripe EncodingYes, Available
Smart Card EncodingYes, Available
Contactless EncodingYes, Available
Prox Card EncodingNo
Locking Card HopperNo
Single-Side LaminationNo
Dual-Side LaminationNo
Holographic OverlayYes - 10 Holokote standard