Fargo HDP5600 300 dpi Dual-Sided Card Printer

Item #: FAR-093240
Looking to create professional, dual-sided ID cards with a modern, feature-packed printer? Look no further than the Fargo® HDP5600, the...
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Product Description

Looking to create professional, dual-sided ID cards with a modern, feature-packed printer? Look no further than the Fargo® HDP5600, the latest and greatest high-definition printer from HID®.

The HDP5600 is Fargoís newest reverse-transfer printer. A reverse-transfer printer works by first printing your imagery and text on a thin film; that film is then applied to the card surface.

Unlike standard printers, where the imagery and text is applied directly to the card surface, the reverse transfer method prevents your printhead from contacting the card. This helps prolong the life of this vital part.

The HDP5600 is designed to be a high-end printing solution, capable of producing thousands of employee badges, corporate ID badges, government credentials and more.

This model of the HDP5600 offers dual-sided printing, allowing you to create professional, dual-sided cards. The HDP5600 comes with a number of additional standard features, including:

  • A print resolution of 300 dpi for clear, crisp images and text
  • Nearly 17 million unique color possibilities
  • Over-the-edge printing on CR80/credit card-sized (2.13î x 3.38î) cards ó no more white borders around the edge of your credentials!
  • Print speeds of up to 100 dual-sided, color cards per hour
  • A three-year manufacturerís warranty, including a free year of loaner service

We also offer a number of different variations of this model of the HDP5600:

  • FAR-093241 This model includes a magnetic stripe encoder, allowing you to program mag stripe cards for use making payments, granting access and more.
  • FAR-093248 Program certain smart cards using this modelís built-in Omnikey CardMan 5121 encoder.
  • FAR-093249 Choose the kind of cards you want to use, as this model offers both smart and proximity card encoding.
  • FAR-093250 Program both magnetic stripe and smart cards using this modelís Omnikey CardMan 5121 encoder.
  • FAR-093251 This model can do it all, as its Omnikey CardMan 5125 encoder can program proximity cards, smart cards and magnetic stripe cards.
  • FAR-093252 Program proximity cards and smart cards with the Omnikey CardMan 5121 and 5125 encoders that come standard on this model.
  • FAR-093253 Omnikey CardMan 5121 and 5125 encoders allow this model of the HDP5600 to program both smart and proximity cards.
  • FAR-093255 Create fully finished, programmed proximity and smart cards using this Omnikey CardMan 5127 encoder.
  • FAR-093256 Program all kinds of cards using this modelís Omnikey CardMan 5127 encoder. This model can program smart cards, magnetic stripe cards and proximity cards.
Printer Brand HID Fargo
Mfg Part Number 093240
Single or dual-sided Dual-Sided Printing
Lamination No
Warranty Tier Security
Printer MFG warranty 3 Years
Printhead Warranty Lifetime
Print area Over the Edge
Printer MFG Hot-Swap 1 Year
Connectivity USB, Ethernet
Print method Reverse Transfer
Printer Weight 22
Dimensions 11.5" x 17.50" x 9.25"
Printer Input Size CR80/credit card size, 2.13" x 3.38" (54 mm x 86 mm)
Printer Speed YMCK with transfer - 150 cph, YMCKK with transfer - 75 cph
Printer Input Hopper 100
Printer Output Hopper 200
Card Volume High
Magnetic Stripe Encoding No
Smart Card Encoding No
Prox Card Encoding No
Locking Card Hopper No
Single-Side Lamination No
Dual-Side Lamination No
Holographic Overlay No
Networkable? Yes
Oversized Cards No