Composite PVC ID Card with 1-2" HICO Magnetic Stripe (CR100-Government Size, 2.63" x 3.88")

Item #: C60-CR100HC
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    Product Description

    CR100 cards: More space, more options

    Providing a half-inch more space in both length and width than standard CR80 ID cards, these CR100 credentials are perfect for creating ID cards with a large photo, multiple lines of text, a barcode, a security hologram and more.

    Also known as government-sized credentials due to (as you may have guessed) their popularity with government organizations, these cards measure 2.63" x 3.88". These cards are made of a composite material that is 60% PVC and 40% polyester, but they can still be customized in a standard PVC ID card printer.

    While they got their name due to their government use, CR100 cards are perfect as oversized student ID cards, employee name badges and more.

    • Each card features a half-inch HICO magnetic stripe, perfect for programmed use making payments, opening doors and more.
    • The card's composite material makes it more durable and more resistant to heat than standard PVC, perfect for heavy lamination.
    • Working outdoors? Composite cards are better able to handle extreme temperatures.
    • Cards are shipped in shrink-wrapped packages of 100 cards.

    Please note: These are CR100-sized ID cards. Prior to ordering, please make sure your ID card printer is able to handle cards of this size.

    CR100 cards with a half-inch magnetic stripe are also available in standard PVC (SKU C60-CR100H).

    Card Dimensions 2.63" x 3.88" (67mm x 99 mm)
    Card Material PVC
    Common Card Size Government Credential
    Card Thickness 30 mils
    Magnetic Stripe Yes
    Customizable Yes
    Slotted No
    Packaging -
    synonyms -