1-day single-piece adhesive tab-expiring badge (thermal printable)

Item #: T2031
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Product Description

Our tab-expiring visitor badges are among our most popular TEMPbadge solutions, and it's not hard to see why: they're affordable, easy to use and effective!

Unlike other badges, which require two different pieces, our tab badges are single-piece solutions: simply fold back the tab to activate the expiration!

These badges are thermal printable, enabling you to quickly add a guest's name, the date or other important information to the badge with your label printer.

Because of their ease of use, we've found these to be particularly popular as visitor badges for schools, hospitals, office buildings and factories. A no-frills solution, our tab badges simply get the job done.

Tab badges are available in half-day (SKU T2030), 1-day (SKU T2031), 3-day (T2033) and 7-day (T2037) time frames. Stock up on multiple time frames to ensure that both your long and short-term guests are covered!

Inventory Status Stock
Type Expiring
Badge Part Full badge
Timeframe 1-Day
No. of Pieces Single-piece
Size 2 5/16" x 2 13/16"
Personalization type Thermal printable
Attachment Type Adhesive
Weight/Box (lbs) 0.003
Packaging 4 Rolls of 250
Role Recognition No
Parking accessory No
Oversized No
Spot/token No
Custom printing available Yes
Colored Top No
School Themed No
Inspection Band No
Printed Title Header No
Printer Type Dymo 450 Turbo,Godex DT4,TEMPbadge BP4
Log Book? No