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Specialty Hospital, Rehab Care & Nursing Home ID Solutions

ID and security for long-term and non-acute care facilities

  • Quality employee and visitor ID programs
  • Enhance professionalism and site security
  • Get compliant with regulations and recommendations

While the specific needs of urgent care facilities and non-acute care facilities will differ, the goal of an identification and security solution should be the same for both: to provide a safe, secure atmosphere for patients, staff and visitors.

All non-acute and specialty care facilities, from nursing homes and assisted living facilities to behavioral health centers and rehab facilities, would benefit from having a comprehensive identification and Visitor Management solution in place.

Properly identifying staff helps put patients and guests more at ease, as they know the name and title of the person providing care. A good employee ID badge can also satisfy some government and advisory group employee identification laws and guidelines.

The importance of healthcare Visitor Management continues to grow as more and more facilities are taking steps to limit intruders, check guests against watch lists and more.

Take the first steps toward a safer facility by browsing our offering of ID and Visitor Management solutions, from custom healthcare ID cards to nursing home visitor security systems.

In most places in the United States, healthcare workers are required by law to wear some kind of identification card. Along with those laws, several advisory groups, including The Joint Commission, the U.S. Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA) and various Departments of Health, strongly recommend having a professional employee badge program.

A good employee ID badge program enhances your organization’s brand by increasing professionalism and showing patients and guests that you take security seriously.

  • Healthcare ID cards: Whether you’re seeking ID badges for nursing homes, rehab centers or home health aides, we’ve got what you need. From plain PVC ID cards to custom-shaped synthetic paper cards, IDenticard has provided healthcare ID badges to hundreds of facilities across the country.
  • Photo ID software: Design and print your own employee ID cards on-site with PremiSys™ ID and the PremiSys Mobile App. Use your smartphone to design badges on the go: take a photo, enter employee data and print to your networked printer — whether you’re down the hall or across the state.
  • Badge Buddies for physical therapists, nurses and more: These rigid role-recognition cards feature an employee’s title in clear, bold letters. Print facility emergency codes on the back for added security. Badge Buddies satisfy employee title requirements in some states.


Custom lanyards and badge reels offer convenience and brand enhancement

If you’re issuing your professional, new ID badges, your employees need a way to wear them! Enhance your brand by offering custom-printed card accessories, including custom lanyards and custom badge reels.

Both of these accessories are popular ways for healthcare workers to display their ID credentials. Our innovative online design tools allow you to choose your style and color, add a logo and view a proof, right on your screen.

Custom-printed card accessories help your employees show pride in their workplace, help create a sense of brand unity and help get your name and logo out in front of more people.

Visitor Management for skilled nursing facilities, behavioral health centers and more

Specialty and non-acute care facilities have unique obstacles when it comes to visitors. Some patients may have memory or cognitive issues that make it difficult to welcome guests. Others, like patients at behavioral health centers, may have guests that require careful screening.

Welcoming guests is essential to patient happiness, but screening these guests and keeping track of them while on-site is essential to patient and site safety. With a Visitor Management system from IDenticard, these two ideas don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

  • Easy software systems: Track who is on-site, who they are visiting and when they’re supposed to leave, all from a single system.
  • Time-expiring badges: Issue visitor badges featuring expiring technology to ensure that a guest leaves the premises after his or her visit is over. Print the guest’s destination on each badge for added security.
  • Affordable options: Whether you want a software system or a roll of visitor badges, you can secure your site for just pennies per guest.
  • Deter violence: Staffed, visible Visitor Management installations show guests that your site takes security seriously and helps dissuade those with bad intentions from attempting to access your facilities.

IDenticard and Premier: Working to provide better solutions

IDenticard is proud to be a member of Premier, one of the healthcare industry’s leading group purchasing organizations. As the only supplier of full, on-contract ID solutions, IDenticard is proud to be a single-source supplier for facilities of all kinds.

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