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EasyLobby® Solo

Effective Visitor Management for the modern workplace

  • Scan a driver's license or passport
  • Notify hosts when guests arrive
  • Create detailed audit reports on guest activity
[id-wrapper] [p align="left" size=15 weight=bold]EasyLobby Solo is a powerful Visitor Management software suite from HID®. This software is perfect for any organization looking to take a Visitor Management program beyond traditional paper-and-pen logbooks. With a user-friendly interface and a robust set of features, EasyLobby Solo is a great option for those who don’t need an enterprise solution but still want something powerful.

One of the more difficult aspects of adding Visitor Management to a site is finding the solution that fits your needs. Many organizations want a powerful tool that will help them keep a site secure, but don’t need the enterprise-level feature set of a solution like PassagePoint®.

In a way, EasyLobby Solo offers the best of both worlds: the key features offered by the larger solutions wrapped inside the usability of a smaller system.

EasyLobby Solo features and benefits
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  • Versatility EasyLobby Solo can be used in different ways, depending on your organization’s set-up. If you have a staffed front desk, your receptionist can check guests in using the software. If you have an unstaffed entry, use EasyLobby Solo in self-registration mode to help guests get signed in quickly.
  • Hardware integration This software can be used with driver’s license scanners, passport scanners, signature pads, barcode scanners and more.
  • Keep an eye on the bad… Create internal watch lists designed to flag unwanted guests. If someone on your watch list, like a former employee or known competitor, tries to sign in, your receptionist will be alerted.
  • …and the good Watch lists can also be used to alert your receptionist if someone important, like the CEO or another VIP, has checked in, so you’re never caught unprepared.
  • Unlimited visitors Love having guests? Welcome visitors until your building is bursting at the seams, as EasyLobby Solo has no limit on the number of guests you can register.
  • Detailed reports Create visitor reports for any of your needs, from running regular audits to creating evacuation logs in the event of an emergency.
  • Print visitor badges Thanks to the included Asure ID® badge designer, you can easily create and print custom visitor badges for your guests. The system also can be set up to work with TEMPbadge® expiring badges!
  • Check out some screenshots of EasyLobby Solo

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    Try EasyLobby Solo at your site
    [p align="left" size=16]It's great to read about the features offered by EasyLobby Solo, but it's another thing to experience them for yourself. Most people learn by doing, and that's what we want you to do with this innovative Visitor Management software solution! [p align="left" size=16]Click the button below to fill out our EasyLobby contact form. This will allow us to provide you with more information on EasyLobby Solo, including instructions on how to get your free 30-day trial of the software.


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