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[id-breadcrumbs color="#F0F8FF"] a variety of custom-printed ID cards spelling out the letters ID [id-hero-article]

Custom ID cards and badges

Let us help you design a unique badge or card!

  • IDenticard offers professional card design services
  • Customize a badge or card with your artwork or logo
  • Multiple card types available, including standard ID, smart and prox
[id-wrapper] [p align="left" size=15 weight=bold]IDenticard is more than an ID card dealer. We also make and customize a range of cards in our own factories and processing centers. Our team of design and security professionals is trusted by 22,000 customers around the world and can customize your identification cards and badges to meet your needs. [p align="left"]Whether your cards will be used for building access, visual identification, role recognition, security or a combination of those uses, IDenticard can create a custom ID card that suits all of your unique needs.

What happened to the design your own ID tool?

[p align="left"]As a security company, IDenticard is committed to preventing counterfeiting and fraud. With those concerns in mind, we no longer offer an online design your own ID cards tool. While most customers were using the tool for legitimate purposes, we are not willing to risk enabling people who are trying to misrepresent themselves or commit fraud. [p align="left"]We are more than happy to help you design a custom ID card. We ask that you please [id-link text ="contact us" url="/contact-us" new_tab="0"] to be put in touch with one of our identification solutions experts who will then assist you throughout the entire process.

Let us help design a custom ID card for you!

[p align=left size=15]While the online tool may no longer be available, we offer professional ID card design services that make creating a custom ID card as simple as possible. Our team of identification solutions specialists will help bring your ID card design from start to finish, including:
  • Needs assessment: Our solutions specialists will evaluate what you need from your card before recommending the ideal type of card for you.
  • Premium Design Service: Our in-house design team will create a professional design for you, including the use of custom logos and graphics.
  • Security features: IDenticard offers a number of anti-fraud and anti-counterfeiting security features designed to make your credentials as secure as possible.
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