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U.S. construction company finds PremiSys™ ID to be the perfect centralized solution

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (September 30, 2015) — With the recent update to version 2.16a, PremiSys ID has transformed from photo ID software to a full-scale identification management solution. The driving force behind this transformation was the robust list of enhancements made to the PremiSys mobile app, which is now capable of serving as a comprehensive mobile badging station.

The idea behind the updates to the mobile app was to enable organizations to centralize their identification program, allowing users across multiple sites to collaborate on a single platform. One IDenticard customer, a large American construction company, has already put these new features to use in the field, and has seen immediate results.

"We are currently using PremiSys ID to badge and gather information from all construction workers on our project sites into one centralized system," said the administrative manager of the company. "Our field teams use the mobile application to take photos and gather basic information of each worker."

One of the major enhancements made with version 2.16a was the ability to add and modify over 50 data fields, including the creation of custom fields, in the mobile app, a feature this construction company has put to use.

"We have several custom text fields created within the system, among them, cardholder certification information," said said the administrative manager. "We input what certifications workers hold that have direct relation to construction, such as OSHA certifications and Specific Equipment Certifications, as well as any other project specific certifications that may be needed."

Because all of this information is put into a single system, it enables administrators across the company sites to input and access necessary information in a single place, making it easy to see who has what certifications and to run reports detailing that data.

As a real-life example of this process, the administrative manager cited how his company uses PremiSys ID to monitor employee training.

"We have some projects that require specific training to work on site, such as working around a working train station," he said. "Workers receive this training, and we will use the system to input the fact they received this training, as well as input the date the training was received, making it easy to run a report of dates and allow our teams an easy way to know who will be in need of re-certification soon."

Using PremiSys ID has allowed this construction company to better control their employee certification program, keeping all of the information in a central, easily accessible location: now, they simply need a device running the PremiSys mobile app to view who in the company is OSHA certified, or which employees are trained to operate the latest equipment. This enables the company's identification program to be more efficient, cutting down on time sifting through data from different sources.

PremiSys ID has already benefited this construction company tremendously; how will PremiSys ID benefit your organization? Learn more, or contact us for a consultation.


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